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  • In this modern age, everyone wants to look elegant and attractive. Hence, to make themselves adorable, many people use hair colors, women and men as well. The ingredients of these hair colors are sensitive and gentle thus they need proper custom hair color packaging to keep them novel. For this reason, The Cosmetic Boxes provides you marvelous hair color boxes for your products. The material we use for the production of these boxes is stalwart hence it keeps the product safe and refreshes.

    Moreover, the looks of cosmetic boxes matter a lot. Therefore, we offer you glorious designs for them. Our team creates unique designs for you. Furthermore, our rates are highly reasonable and for wholesale, you get various discount offers too. Above all, you get your package at your doorstep and in the USA this delivery facility is completely free.

  • The packaging of the electronic product is quite different from the other product. It is because the chances of product damage are higher. Thus, it is essential to use durable material for the hair dryer boxes. There are multiple enterprises that provide custom hair dryer packaging services. But the quality you will find at The Cosmetic Boxes is incomparable. You have the freedom to choose the material and manufacturing techniques yourself. Moreover, we embellish your custom hair dryer boxes with different add-ons like embossing. Besides this, you will find multiple printing and coating techniques here. What else are you looking for? It is a one-stop-shop where you will get these all services at affordable rates. Our customer care service is 24/7 at your service to answer your queries. Moreover, enjoy free delivery all over the USA by placing your first order now.
  • Custom hair gel boxes throughout the market are harder to find at cheaper rates and supreme quality. As we know, more people are conscious of hairstyling over the years with the rising concept of beautification. Both men and women, use hair gels. Hence, nowadays hair gel for every hair type and color are available. Due to the delicacy of the product, only one type of box doesn’t fit for each category. Hence, you may need custom hair gel boxes packaging. You will be pleased to know that The Cosmetic Boxes specializes in custom packaging. Indeed, we all are well aware that good packaging has a strong effect on brand recognition and sales. Therefore, we design the hair gel boxes of different styles, shapes, and sizes as per your requirement with the utmost care. Besides this, we deliver free in the USA for your convenience.
  • Hair products include multiple products like shampoo, conditioner, and gels. Clearly, you cannot use similar boxes for every product. Also, creating a brand image with conventional packaging is difficult. In order to cater to such needs, The Cosmetic Boxes manufacture hair product boxes in all dimensions. We have a special team of graphic designers that design the custom hair product boxes likewise the product. Thus, this helps you in creating variety among your products. This will also keep the customer’s interest in your product and increase sales. We offer various add-ons and printing options for the custom hair product packaging. Furthermore, our team keeps a keen eye on the entire process. All of this effort is to ensure you get the error-free packaging at affordable rates. Apart from this enjoy free delivery all over the USA by placing your order now.
  • Are you in search of hangable hair extension boxes to display your product? Thus, your search has completed now as The Cosmetic Boxes is here to provide you these boxes. We create five-panel hanger boxes for your hair extension products. you can hang it on your retail shop to attract the customer. Moreover, we offer you to add a custom window in it. This window can be die-cut or PVC. It is your choice. But the window will allow your customer to peek into your item.

    In addition to the style of box and window, you can do foiling and embossing to make them stand out among its competitors. Further, we provide you amazing designs to make your custom hangable hair extension packaging more beautiful and charming. These designs will attract customers to your products. You get all these remarkable facilities at wholesale rates at our platform. Moreover, the delivery you get of your custom hangable hair extension boxes is entire free all over the USA. So, order now and enjoy the marvelous experience.

  • Are you looking for stylish lenses boxes for your product? Many manufacturers spend huge amounts on their packing. Because it is the packaging that attracts the customer and forces them to buy it. Thus, that attraction only can be added through a beautiful design of the box. Therefore, The Cosmetic Boxes provides you free design support. Our graphic designing team is always here to help you in this regard. You can get versatile beautiful and attractive designs for your custom lenses packaging. For the printing of these designs, we offer you various printing options you can select any of them for the printing of your boxes. Besides this, we ornament your boxes with our unique add-ons like embossing. All these make your custom lenses boxes embellished. Furthermore, grab all these glorious facilities here at wholesale rates. Moreover, enjoy free delivery all over the USA by placing your order now.
  • Surely, makeup isn’t complete without lipsticks. Similarly, the lip liner is the second most used product among other cosmetics. Whether one wears complete makeup or not, lipstick is something that everyone uses. Though lip liners are very delicate and the chances of its damage are higher. Hence you may need high-quality custom lip liner packaging to prevent any loss. Additionally, the layout of the boxes must be in a way that creates a buzz among the customers and increases sales. Thus, The Cosmetic Boxes designs alluring lip liner boxes that fulfill both producer and consumers’ demand. Besides this, we had a special team of graphic designers that helps you in designing custom lip liner boxes with their expertise. Our customer care service is 24/7 available to assist you with packaging. We guarantee you won’t find such services at affordable rates including free delivery in the USA elsewhere.
  • A mirror is an essential article while using any cosmetic product. Therefore, they come in various sizes and shapes. Likewise, mirror boxes come in versatile shapes and sizes. So, if you are a manufacturer of them or a personal user and want their boxes. The Cosmetic Boxes provide a wide range of custom mirror boxes along with endless customizations. Like you can modify the design of the box. Further, the selection of material depends on your choices. Moreover, you can add a window or PVC window to make your inside mirror appear at the front. All these choices you get at our platform.

    Above all, you enjoy all these brilliant facilities at almost wholesale rates. Even for your retail custom mirror packaging, you get affordable rates. Further, enjoy the delivery of your package free in the entire USA. So, Hurry Up and grab the marvelous offer and place the order now.

  • Moisturizers keep your skin gentle and baby soft. They are made up of various delicate ingredients. The same goes for their boxes. Moisturizer boxes keep these fragile cosmetic products safe in them. Because they are made for this purpose. A lot of companies use custom moisturizer packaging for their products. So, if you are one of them and want perfect boxes for your respective items.

    We, The Cosmetic Boxes here to help you in this regard. Our whole team is here to assist you. We have separate departments for all the steps. As for customer care service, we have a separate team whereas the designing pool is another. Hence, you get versatility at our platform. Moreover, our boxes assure complete safety of your moisturizing items. Furthermore, we provide you wholesale rates and free delivery all over the USA. Thus, why waste your precious time? Get up now and order custom moisturizer boxes now.

  • Palette boxes are excessively used boxes in the cosmetic industry. Many eyeshadow kits or other types of kits are packed in them. They have generally bee-hives in them. That is to say there are inserting holes in them. Mostly they come in display boxes yet you can get them in mailer boxes too. The Cosmetic Boxes provide you the best custom palette boxes in the market. Along with that, you get a lot of customizations too. You can add various add-ons to these boxes. Further, to embellish them you can use the foiling of gold or silver cord. It will give a royal look to the boxes.

    Because these boxes are mostly used as display boxes hence, they have perforations. We offer you die-cut perforations almost in all the box styles. Moreover, our rates are highly affordable even you get wholesale rates for retail custom palette box packaging. Order them now and get free delivery all over the USA.

  • Want to grab pillow hair extension boxes to pack them in style? The Cosmetic Boxes is the best choice for it. Because we create alluring pillow boxes whether they are for hair extensions or any other products. The material we use in their production is durable and makes the structure of these pillow boxes strong. Ultimately, your product remains safe in them. Moreover, you get various printing options to get vibrant colors printed on your custom pillow hair extension packaging. Further, with these printing methods, you can get marvelous designs for your boxes.  

    These pillow boxes can be used for retail purposes as well as for shipping purposes. It depends on your choice. On our customer, care service hotline tells our team about the specifications of your product and get the most unique custom pillow hair extension boxes. Furthermore, we provide you all these facilities at highly affordable rates even on wholesale rates.  Moreover, get free delivery in the USA by ordering now.

  • Pressed Powder Boxes can be grabbed in various box styles at The Cosmetic Boxes. It totally depends on that either you have put the powder in a bottle or a plate cover like face powder. We offer you tuck-end boxes, mailer boxes, five-panel hanger boxes and many others like them. Moreover, the material you get for these boxes is reliable and long-lasting. You can even do shipment of your products in these boxes. Furthermore, our designer team makes sure that you get the most unique designs for your custom pressed powder packaging. They create alluring designs for you. Even you can print your own designs on these boxes too.

    Grab all these facilities now by ordering custom pressed powder boxes now. We will provide you wholesale rates and worldwide delivery for your order. Moreover, you get free shipping facility all over the USA. For further inquiries, our customer care team is here 24/7 to help you. Get them all now!

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