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Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Here at thecosmeticboxes, we strive to provide you with as many options as are possible. With our unlimited customization options, you can literally make any packaging that you see fits your needs. This can be a little overwhelming for most though! With literally pages and pages of different design options, how do you go through all of them without losing your mind? Well simply go through our “Box by Industry” page, and go directly to your industry!

This option has enabled easier research for our clients. Rather than going through 100 pages of information, clients can now just go to their industry and see what works for them. This filters out all the information that may not be important to you and creates a tailor-made experience just to fit your design and business needs. Furthermore, you can get some insight into how your industry is operating. See how your competition packages their product, what are unique features unique to your industry and how you can package your product while staying distinct.  This type of categorization can be beneficial for both us and you!

Moreover, this page helps us showcase our diversity as a packaging company. With the ability to package for a number of different industries, we are able to apply all that we have learned to your packaging. With our diverse skill set, we can generate any type of packaging, using methods from every industry, to create the perfect box just for you. Go and look at all the different packaging just for your industry right below!  

  • Foldable hair extension boxes are generally come in die-cut styles and gluing cannot allow them to fold. Many cosmetic manufacturers use these boxes. The Cosmetic Boxes provides you this type of boxes for your hair extension products with uncountable customizations. You can change the design of the boxes, select the printing options, make them more alluring with foiling of gold or silver cord. In addition to that, for retail purposes, you can use cardstock material and for shipping needs, you can get corrugated boxes for your product.

    All these facilities can be grabbed at one platform which is The Cosmetic Boxes. Furthermore, you get your custom foldable hair extension boxes at greatly affordable rates with the facility of worldwide delivery. Get it now by ordering your custom foldable hair extension boxes and enjoy the free delivery facility in the entire USA.

  • Essential Oils are sensitive and delicate products. They should be packed carefully, so they remain protected. The Cosmetic Boxes offers you essential oil boxes made up of highly tested materials. These boxes can be used as retail boxes or even as shipping boxes. Just change the material and their use is changed. Along with that, we offer you various printing options to you. You can print anything like ingredients or usage methods of these oils on your boxes. Furthermore, we make your essential oil packaging beautiful and attractive by giving them alluring looks. So, they can attract customers.

    If you are a manufacturer and worried about the rates then leave the tension as we offer you wholesale rates. Along with that, there is no worry of shipping as we offer you worldwide delivery. This brilliant facility is free all over the USA. Moreover, if you have any queries regarding your custom essential oils boxes, you can ask from our customer care service staff. They are available for your help 24/7.  So, feel free to place your order at our site.

  • Lip Gloss with the initiation of technology and transformation of the cosmetic industry are available in all sizes and shapes ranging from 14pt to 18 and 24pt White SCS C1S C2S. Finishing options includes Glossy, Aqueous Coating and Matte and Spot UV Die cut window. Along with that, gold and silver foiling, raised inked with stupendous finishes, included with embossing and debossing Packaging assembled and shipped flat Structure, which is totally easy to assemble. Custom lip gloss boxes are the paramour of stupendousness and exoticness that brings the entity of shine and glitter in these lip glosses. Custom Lip Gloss Boxes go hand to hand in making the product go unique and transferring an amount of shine in the product. The custom lip gloss boxes are found in the market with all the shapes and sizes you want them to be, along with various decorative printing alternatives. In order to garner the audience a glance at the product inside, because some customers might be of the opinion that the lip gloss packaging is good but the product wont, thus we provide them, along with the boxes a window attached i.e. die cut window panes are also a usual practice in the printing of these custom boxes.

  • Are you still using conventional packaging methods for your product? Get out of that and boost up your business with the unique and captivating blush boxes. There are multiple enterprises in the packaging industry that provide the custom blush boxes packaging but many of them fail to meet clients’ requirement. Thus, The Cosmetic Boxes is the only enterprise that gives you infinite customization freedom. We tailor the custom blush boxes with the utmost care and delicacy. The animations and coating are designed as your demand. Therefore, if you already have any idea in your mind, do share it with us. Our graphic designers with their artistic knowledge frame them accordingly and ensure you get a mockup video. The entire effort is to omit any uncertainty and to ensure you get the product of your choice. Hence, get the best packaging with free delivery in the USA here!
  • Want to grab pillow hair extension boxes to pack them in style? The Cosmetic Boxes is the best choice for it. Because we create alluring pillow boxes whether they are for hair extensions or any other products. The material we use in their production is durable and makes the structure of these pillow boxes strong. Ultimately, your product remains safe in them. Moreover, you get various printing options to get vibrant colors printed on your custom pillow hair extension packaging. Further, with these printing methods, you can get marvelous designs for your boxes.  

    These pillow boxes can be used for retail purposes as well as for shipping purposes. It depends on your choice. On our customer, care service hotline tells our team about the specifications of your product and get the most unique custom pillow hair extension boxes. Furthermore, we provide you all these facilities at highly affordable rates even on wholesale rates.  Moreover, get free delivery in the USA by ordering now.

  • Hair brush is the best styling tool. Thus, the demand in the hair brush boxes is constant throughout the year. The packaging industry tries to fulfill this market demand. But it is found that the custom hair brush boxes are more successful in creating an impact in the market. Hence, The Cosmetic Boxes understands the concerns of its esteemed customers. We specialize in the custom hair brush packaging. Keeping into consideration your choices and preferences, we tailor the boxes. Everything including the theme and design is in align with your wants. Moreover, the artistic graphic designers help you in choosing the add-ons like embossing and debossing. Thus, these are the essential things that help you in creating the name in the market easily. Besides this, our customer service is 24/7 available on one click. Similarly, enjoy free delivery in the USA by placing your order now.
  • Lipstick are the mainly used commodity in everyday life and the most effective product in the female makeup industry. Lipstick Packaging of the lipsticks are bound to be as aesthetically bewitching as the lipstick itself. These two are the entities which should never go on separate ways. Quality of the box and the quality of the lipstick product should always be parallel. The custom lipstick boxes, which are artistically designed serve this objective in the utmost and total effective plus efficient manner. These lipstick boxes are available all over the market in custom sizes and figures. These custom lipstick boxes contain numerous other features as well such as die cut and printed with certain ornamental and artistic option.

  • Are you wondering to leave a long-lasting impact on your buyers? If yes, then you are in the right place. The secret behind this is sturdy packaging material and fascinating styles. Therefore, The Cosmetic Boxes manufacture the best beauty mask boxes in the town. Our packaging material is of supreme quality that prevents your product from drying out. Moreover, the incomparable customization freedom makes the custom beauty mask boxes to stand out on shelves. Everything in the beauty mask packaging is according to the likeliness of your buyers. Hence, our artistic graphic designers provide you with the most alluring designs. Besides this, our customer care is 24/7 at your service to assist you with striking marketing methods. In addition to this, our rates are market effective and we deliver absolutely free in the USA.
  • Shower gel boxes are widely used in the modern era. The customer of this unique product is both men and women. Because people use shower gel to clean their body and for having a long-lasting freshness. Hence, to keep the freshness of these gels intact and protected, many manufacturers use custom shower gel packaging. These boxes provide gentle care to your product.

    Thus, if you want to grab these boxes for your gels, The Cosmetic Boxes is here to assist you in this regard. Our team offers you endless customization options to you. You can select the design of your box. Moreover, we have a vast variety of box materials, you can grab any of them. As all of these materials are sturdy and stout. Above all, we provide you all these brilliant facilities regarding custom shower gel boxes at wholesale rates. That is to say, our rates are affordable as compared to the market. In addition to that, you get absolutely free delivery in the USA. So, hurry Up! Go grab the golden opportunity now.

  • Are you in search of hangable hair extension boxes to display your product? Thus, your search has completed now as The Cosmetic Boxes is here to provide you these boxes. We create five-panel hanger boxes for your hair extension products. you can hang it on your retail shop to attract the customer. Moreover, we offer you to add a custom window in it. This window can be die-cut or PVC. It is your choice. But the window will allow your customer to peek into your item.

    In addition to the style of box and window, you can do foiling and embossing to make them stand out among its competitors. Further, we provide you amazing designs to make your custom hangable hair extension packaging more beautiful and charming. These designs will attract customers to your products. You get all these remarkable facilities at wholesale rates at our platform. Moreover, the delivery you get of your custom hangable hair extension boxes is entire free all over the USA. So, order now and enjoy the marvelous experience.

  • Certain types of lotions are available all around the globe in every cosmetic market nowadays as the cosmetic industry just came into the limelight. Choosing the apt and unique product from a list of several other product is the first prerequisite of a customer. Custom Lotion Boxes are playing a very vital hand in achieving this phenomenon. Top notch brands nowadays try to initiate their product category by introducing their products in the most efficient and unique lotion packaging. Every specification and detail about the lotion product is mentioned and imprinted on the exterior custom box packaging which is extremely useful when you are choosing the right category of product for your healthy skin. Printing with high technology alternatives brings these lotion boxes out of the box, bringing them in the limelight by making them extremely unique and attractive in their own non-mainstream category.

  • In this modern age, everyone wants to look elegant and attractive. Hence, to make themselves adorable, many people use hair colors, women and men as well. The ingredients of these hair colors are sensitive and gentle thus they need proper custom hair color packaging to keep them novel. For this reason, The Cosmetic Boxes provides you marvelous hair color boxes for your products. The material we use for the production of these boxes is stalwart hence it keeps the product safe and refreshes.

    Moreover, the looks of cosmetic boxes matter a lot. Therefore, we offer you glorious designs for them. Our team creates unique designs for you. Furthermore, our rates are highly reasonable and for wholesale, you get various discount offers too. Above all, you get your package at your doorstep and in the USA this delivery facility is completely free.

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