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Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Here at thecosmeticboxes, we strive to provide you with as many options as are possible. With our unlimited customization options, you can literally make any packaging that you see fits your needs. This can be a little overwhelming for most though! With literally pages and pages of different design options, how do you go through all of them without losing your mind? Well simply go through our “Box by Industry” page, and go directly to your industry!

This option has enabled easier research for our clients. Rather than going through 100 pages of information, clients can now just go to their industry and see what works for them. This filters out all the information that may not be important to you and creates a tailor-made experience just to fit your design and business needs. Furthermore, you can get some insight into how your industry is operating. See how your competition packages their product, what are unique features unique to your industry and how you can package your product while staying distinct.  This type of categorization can be beneficial for both us and you!

Moreover, this page helps us showcase our diversity as a packaging company. With the ability to package for a number of different industries, we are able to apply all that we have learned to your packaging. With our diverse skill set, we can generate any type of packaging, using methods from every industry, to create the perfect box just for you. Go and look at all the different packaging just for your industry right below!  

  • Perfumes with time have become the essential part of the fashion and make up industry. Their transformation from eau de toilette to bottled scents have been a major transformation. These products are of pure beauty and delicate vibes, along with such sensitivity that these scented bottles need to be stored in a stupendous customized packaging that accurately matches to the specifications of the product itself. Custom Perfume Boxes are able to cater this specific need in a very efficient manner. These perfume boxes are able to get customized in whichever style you want them to be in. All the specifications and other additional information of the product such as expiry and manufacture date are imprinted on the exterior perfume packaging of the boxes in order to add more legitimacy and to aid the customers in choosing the most suitable product for themselves.

  • Nail Polish is one of the most alluring and eye catchy product of the makeup industry. Customized Nail Polish Boxes are able to augment and enhance the grace and beauty aura of your artistically attractive and alluring product. You have the right to order these custom nail polish boxes according to the prerequisites you desire of, along with any shape, size or color you wish them to be in. Executive die cut alternatives can be added to the custom nail polish boxes as well to augment the attractiveness of the product. These custom boxes are able to get themed printed with certain glitter, shimmer and gloss with flicker alternatives to make the come out of the box and become extremely unique, as compared to the other products of the similar product category.

  • Advance stupendous high technology printed and decorated Custom Mascara Boxes are able to augment and accentuate the attractive and beautiful vibe of this everyone’s all-time favorite makeup item. These custom mascara boxes are spot on in the market all over the globe in customized sizes and shapes you wish them to be in. They can be printed with various decorative and stylish printing styles and other effective alternatives. These custom boxes can be segregated with numerous divisions to store miscellaneous items related to the product itself, aiding the mascara product which is sealed inside the custom boxes.

  • Custom makeup boxes. Makeup is a very vital prerequisite in the life of a woman. It is a phenomenon which isn’t used on occasions but rather, used on a daily basis by every woman. After the transformation of the modelling and fashion industry, the demand of makeup has greatly risen and they are even used by men now. Thus makeup is an entity which needs no genre or gender. Various upcoming makeup firms and brands are initiating their products every day in the market. A race of showcasing the product in the most suitable and apt manner is the trend nowadays in the cosmetic market. Every makeup brand manufacturer is using high technology custom makeup box packaging in order to produce their product every unique and novel from the rest of the makeup brand products in the industry. These custom makeup boxes are able to augment effective paramour and allure to the product which is packaged inside the boxes. The custom boxes are available in the market all over the globe in all custom shapes and sizes you desire them to be, along with numerous transmutations.

  • Certain types of lotions are available all around the globe in every cosmetic market nowadays as the cosmetic industry just came into the limelight. Choosing the apt and unique product from a list of several other product is the first prerequisite of a customer. Custom Lotion Boxes are playing a very vital hand in achieving this phenomenon. Top notch brands nowadays try to initiate their product category by introducing their products in the most efficient and unique lotion packaging. Every specification and detail about the lotion product is mentioned and imprinted on the exterior custom box packaging which is extremely useful when you are choosing the right category of product for your healthy skin. Printing with high technology alternatives brings these lotion boxes out of the box, bringing them in the limelight by making them extremely unique and attractive in their own non-mainstream category.

  • Lipstick are the mainly used commodity in everyday life and the most effective product in the female makeup industry. Lipstick Packaging of the lipsticks are bound to be as aesthetically bewitching as the lipstick itself. These two are the entities which should never go on separate ways. Quality of the box and the quality of the lipstick product should always be parallel. The custom lipstick boxes, which are artistically designed serve this objective in the utmost and total effective plus efficient manner. These lipstick boxes are available all over the market in custom sizes and figures. These custom lipstick boxes contain numerous other features as well such as die cut and printed with certain ornamental and artistic option.

  • Lip Gloss with the initiation of technology and transformation of the cosmetic industry are available in all sizes and shapes ranging from 14pt to 18 and 24pt White SCS C1S C2S. Finishing options includes Glossy, Aqueous Coating and Matte and Spot UV Die cut window. Along with that, gold and silver foiling, raised inked with stupendous finishes, included with embossing and debossing Packaging assembled and shipped flat Structure, which is totally easy to assemble. Custom lip gloss boxes are the paramour of stupendousness and exoticness that brings the entity of shine and glitter in these lip glosses. Custom Lip Gloss Boxes go hand to hand in making the product go unique and transferring an amount of shine in the product. The custom lip gloss boxes are found in the market with all the shapes and sizes you want them to be, along with various decorative printing alternatives. In order to garner the audience a glance at the product inside, because some customers might be of the opinion that the lip gloss packaging is good but the product wont, thus we provide them, along with the boxes a window attached i.e. die cut window panes are also a usual practice in the printing of these custom boxes.

  • Lip Balm boxes. Lip Balm, after the revolution of the makeup and cosmetic industry, is demanded on a very stupendous scale all over the globe, the usage of these lip balm products are almost every day which enhances its value. People both use it at home or in their offices at work and while traveling as well. Another special feature of these lip balms is that they can be used on various special occasions such as a birthday or an office party. That is the reason there are gazillions of lip balm companies and products are striving in the market to get the legitimate top position, thus for that, they are bound to launch these lip balms in exotic flavors. Now, at this point, the issue arises of the best-customized lip balm packaging. The custom lip balm packaging should be packaged in such stupendous boxes to attract the attention of the custom in a mere jiffy and luring them to buy the product just by seeing the amazing packaging. A desired custom lip balm boxes definitely needs to be attractive and alluring and totally useful to the manufacturers as well. It is not just the look, the cosmetic boxes also need to carry out certain specific functions that come up to the expectations of both the manufacturers and the customers such as cost-effectiveness, protection from man-made and natural hazards and calamities.

  • The hairspray industry is revolving to a very great extent. There are various entities of hair brands in the market now with the introduction of IT, knowledge to people and the evolution of the fashion industry. Due to this, making the right choice from various other alternatives has been a very difficult task to accomplish for the buyers. If there is concentrated information on the product, that is, it’s usage, expiry and all that, it becomes extremely important in dire situations. These custom hairspray boxes are very useful and come in any shape, size or shading color you desire it to be in. Hairspray boxes can also be stylized and imprinted with numerous other alternatives and specifications to enhance the aesthetic abilities of the product overall. Additional alternatives entities can also be augmented in the custom boxes such as a transparent window pane in order to make sure the customers can see right through the product without much hassle. Product information, branding eligibility augments to the usage value of these hairspray packaging boxes.

  • Hair Extension boxes. Hair extensions are the latest entity in the world of fashion and cosmetic industry. The fashion and cosmetic industry is evolving greatly with time. A few years back, there was no such thing as an hair extension. With the introduction of these new entities especially the hair extensions, competition along the makeup brands have greatly increased, as every brand is introducing innovative products greatly in order to reach the top and garner the spot of the number one brand before other predators would tear them apart and take their spot. Thus, they will never leave a stone unturned in order to make their product will unique and out of the box. Legitimately for this purpose, they in case and imprint their product in such bewitching boxes which inevitably grabs the attention of every customer. Custom Hair Extension boxes are available to you in every possible shape, size and color. Along with that, additional window panes are also introduced in these custom hair extension packaging boxes which allows the customers to have a peek inside the window to analyze the product which is very helpful and alluring. The variability in style and designs of these custom boxes makes them unique and out of the box from the rest of the packaging entities.

  • The foundation products of the cosmetic industry, comes after the cream products which holds a very vital value and is the epitome of the cosmetic and makeup industry. It is pretty obvious that these custom foundation boxes would definitely need an exterior packaging in order to keep it safe from hazards which are both natural (weather) and human tampering. These foundation boxes come in all custom shapes and sizes, the way you desire these custom printed foundation boxes to come. The appealing external design and logo of your firm on the box, along with other specifications and information such as the expiry and manufacturing date, volume, constituents augments extra aesthetic ability, beauty and utility to this object of diverse consumption.

  • Eyeshadow boxes is the most vital epitome of women interest and needs. The best thing about eye shadow products are that they are not confined till women of a single age or genre. Instead they serve a very great purpose to indeed women of all age, color and genre. On the other hand, these eye shadow products come in stupendously bewitching custom eyeshadow boxes which also instead the aesthetic value and aura of these products. The packaging also plays a very vital hand in augmenting the class of the eye shadow products. Custom Eye Shadow boxes, supports the clause of augmenting beauty by bringing extra elegance to the eye shadow products with an extravagant look that garners the attraction of all the customers and passerby people, pushing the eye shadow product in to the limelight. You can get the custom eyeshadow boxes in any shape, size or shading color you desire these custom boxes to be in. Along with that that these eye shadow boxes can be customized and designed with your specifications and ideas as well with certain alternative options as well. Special window panes can be augmented in these custom boxes as well to let the customers have a look at the actual product inside to make believe those customers who think that if the tertiary packaging is good, the product will be a failure.

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